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Injury Litigation

For decades, asbestos was a common material in a wide range of different industries. Workers performed their jobs side-by-side with it for years, totally unaware of the danger asbestos posed to their health. Today, asbestos is a watchword for unsafe conditions. So many people have suffered adverse health effects due to exposure that massive settlements have


Experienced Attorneys for Injured Cyclists Cycling, jogging, and walking to work are ways of life for many residents. While relatively few brave the cold winter months, other times of year it is not unusual to see multiple bicycle riders and pedestrians exercising or commuting on a daily basis. Unfortunately, while cycling, walking, and running are good

Bike Accidents

Protecting Families in Birth Injury Cases While birth is often filled with joy and excitement, new parents are often overwhelmed. The situation can become even more complicated and emotional if the child, or the mother, suffered an injury before, during, or immediately after the labor and delivery process. Hospitals, clinics, and insurance malpractice insurance companies

Birth Injury

Attorneys Serving Clients Injured in Boating Accidents Boating should be a fun recreational activity. Unfortunately, boat accidents carry a high risk of serious injury and death. If you or a loved one was injured in a boating accident, please call Lincoln Trial Lawyers  today for a free consultation. Causes of Boat Accidents Most boat accidents are the result

Boat Accidents

Were You Sexually Assaulted or Abused in the Scouts? In February 2020, the Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy. Part of the bankruptcy proceedings includes the creation of a trust to compensate childhood victims of sexual abuse and assault while they were in Boy Scouts. The deadline to file a sexual abuse claim in the Boy Scouts

Boy Scout Claims

Few injuries are as potentially devastating as brain and spinal cord injuries. These types of injuries can be extremely painful and often result in lasting damage or impairments. If you have suffered a brain or spinal cord injury due to the carelessness or negligence of others, it is crucial that you speak to an experienced

Brain & Spinal Cord Injury

If You Suffered a Serious Injury in an Auto Accident, Our Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You Recover the Compensation You Deserve Suffering a serious injury in a car wreck can change your life forever. For over 30 years, Lincoln Trial Lawyers has fought to help car accident victims to recover just compensation. Our attorneys

Car Accidents

You Can Get More than Workers’ Compensation Benefits If you are injured on the job, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. You also may be entitled to additional compensation by filing a claim against the property owner or general contractor hired to perform the work. New York statutory law provides special protection to construction

Construction & Industrial Accidents

Serving Clients Injured by Distracted Drivers  It is illegal for drivers to operate a cell phone or other handheld mobile device behind the wheel. However, in spite of the law, distracted driving remains a major problem. Today, distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents. Distracted driving is dangerous not only to the

Distracted Driver Claims

Attorneys Serving Victims of Medical Negligence Medical malpractice claims are different from other kinds of personal injury lawsuits and require diligent and timely action to protect patients’ rights.What Is Medical Malpractice? When providing diagnosis and treatment, doctors, surgeons, and other medical professionals must uphold what is known as a “standard of care.” The standard of

Medical Malpractice

Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Have Years of Experience Helping Riders and Their Families Recover Just Compensation. Victims of motorcycle accidents often sustain serious traumatic injuries. These include brain and head injuries, amputations and other traumatic injuries due to the negligence of motorists who injured our motorcyclist clients.  Of course, most injuries from motorcycle accidents are serious

Motorcycle Accidents

Serving Nursing Home Residents One of the most difficult decisions for any family is to move an aged loved one into a nursing home. In addition to concerns about preserving your relative’s independence and maintaining your relationship, ensuring their safety is a top priority. Unfortunately, far too many nursing home residents suffer abuse and neglect at

Nursing Home Abuse

A premises liability claim is filed when the owner of a public space, such as a restaurant or retail shop, fails to provide safe conditions for their customers. If this neglect leads directly to your injury, you may have cause to file a premises liability claim. Premises liability injuries can be caused by poor lighting, improperly

Premises Liability

Several Factors Can Cause Slip and Fall Accidents. What are your legal rights if you were injured in a slip and fall accident? If you are being forced to ask this question, we encourage you to give us a call. We can explore your legal rights and, if you have a claim, we can help

Slip & Fall

Commercial Truck Accidents Can Have Devastating Consequences. Our Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help You Recover. What happened? How did it happen? Why did it happen to you? A crash with a 40-ton commercial truck can result in devastating and catastrophic injuries. If a loved one was seriously injured or even killed in the accident, it

Truck Accident Lawyers

Seeking Justice for Your Loved One Losing a loved one is devastating. Whether the death was caused by the negligence of another driver on the road, a negligent doctor, a defective product, or a careless property owner, fighting to get the financial compensation your family needs shouldn’t have to feel like going up against a

Wrongful Death

Zantac (Ranitidine) Recalled for Cancer Risk BREAKING NEWS: The FDA has launched a recall of Zantac and all ranitidine drug products. An investigation revealed that ranitidine drugs (which are sold under the brand name Zantac as well as generics) contain an impurity that may result in increased cancer risk. The impurity that poses a danger to consumers

Zantac Cancer

Business Litigation

Representing Corporate, Governmental & Non-Profits  Lincoln Trial lawyers is a full-service law firm with experience representing corporate, municipal, and non-for-profit clients.  We have earned our reputation as a well-respected counseling and litigation firm. Our commercial litigation attorneys represent owner-operated businesses, small and large companies; villages, towns, and counties; and not-for-profit organizations. We provide personal level

Business Litigation

Protecting Victims of Employment Discrimination Employees are protected by comprehensive employment discrimination statutes. Under this law, it is unlawful for employers to discriminate against employees in the terms, conditions, compensation, or privileges of employment on the basis of an employee’s:AgeRace (including traits historically associated with race, such as certain hairstyles like braids, locks, or twists)Creed/Religion

Employment Discrimination

Is a Dangerous Product Responsible for Your Injuries? When you purchase a product, you should be able to safely assume it will work as advertised and not cause you unreasonable harm. The thought of being needlessly injured due to a defective product should be the last thing on your mind but, unfortunately, it does happen.

Product Liability

Guiding Residents of the Capital District Through Complex Litigation The federal False Claims Act provides a reward to private persons who act as whistleblowers and come forward with information concerning fraud committed against the federal government. Whistleblowers in False Claims Act cases are called “relators” and are entitled to sue on behalf of the federal

Whistleblower Claims

Domestic Litigation

Division of AssetsIn Massachusetts, there is no presumption of a 50/50 distribution of marital assets and there is no precedent for requiring such a distribution, even in the event of a long-term marriage. When it comes to the division of inherited property, courts consider a variety of factors to determine what should be an “equitable


Passionately Fighting for Your Rights Sexual abuse or sexual assault occurs when sexual activity is carried out upon a victim against the victim’s will, as well as in situations where the victim is unable to properly consent to sexual activity. These reasons may include, but are not limited to, the victim’s age, physical or mental

Sexual Abuse