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Our Trial Skills Are Your Strategic Advantage.

Don’t Settle For Less.

We are highly skilled trial lawyers.

We Don’t Settle For Less.

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Highly Skilled Trial Lawyers

At Lincoln Trial Law we believe that a client is best served by having a highly skilled trial lawyer. Most clients are unaware that their lawyer may not have the trial skills to properly try their case and therefore will force them into a settlement that is not in their best interests. 

Lincoln Trial law is different because we pride ourselves on our highly developed trial skills and our ability to try cases.  This gives our clients a huge strategic advantage.  We don’t force our clients to accept settlements that aren’t in their best interests. Our clients don’t settle for less because we don’t settle for less.  

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Injury Litigation
Business Litigation

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Domestic Litigation

Our Clients Are Our First Priority

Steve K. 


"I needed to go to war and I needed a lawyer who would fight and win….If you are in the same position, I would 1000% recommend Lincoln Trial Law.”

Jim B.


“I needed a trial lawyer who had the skills to try my case and win….when we got to trial, it was obvious, we were paying chess, and they were playing checkers.”

Our Founder's message

We don’t settle for less. 

Clients are often forced into settlements that are not in their best interests because their lawyer doesn’t have the skills of a highly trained trial lawyer.

We believe that the greatest advantage a client can have is to have a highly skilled trial lawyer in their corner. 

Not all lawyers are highly skilled trial lawyers, just like not all doctors are brain surgeons.

We are highly skilled trial lawyers. 

Our clients don’t settle for less, because we don’t settle for less.

Neither should you.

Why hire Lincoln Trial Law, PLLC

Harry M. Haytayan, Jr.

Founder of Lincoln Trial Law, PLLC

Harry is a trial lawyer with decades of experience. His personalized approach to achieve the best outcome for your case. Learn more about his career and philosophy in the link below.